Happy New Year How is it 2024

Happy New Year How is it 2024

Happy New Year!!!

 January is always a weird month, especially after a total disintegration of t-i-m-e during December. The last month is always such a flurry of activity, if it’s family and friends and social engagements or non-celebratory things like work deadlines.

I used to haaate January, and not because it’s always the second winter in Saskatchewan; it’s the New Year Resolutions that become a thing. 

“Resolutions” have always been a complicated thing for me, usually rife with guilt and shame for not “being better” and “doing better” the previous year...Never mind the body hatred and diet industry sales tactics that flood our newsfeeds to prepare for summer! Within the past few years, the ‘resolutions’ that occupied too much space in my brain--those goals that everyone is supposed to strive for--does not hit as hard. Perhaps it’s being older, or perhaps it's this past year making certain things seem a lot more trivial, but my priorities have shifted.

*This year* I am going to reconsider what a new year’s resolution is. In the past, it was a stressful, pressured list of “should’s” of the past year, full of shame or guilt rather than excitement and growth.

Year beginnings should contain reflection, but kindness as well.

I was inspired by a cute trend on Instagram, In’s and Out’s 2024, where people showed their resolution by also pointing out what they did not want to carry forward. It’s a nice way of changing up the idea of what a new year’s resolution can look like. It takes away the feeling of One Big Task, and breaks it down to a couple of things that didn’t serve you, and a couple of things that will!

Here are my personal In’s and Outs, and below, the here's what I posted on IG for Bad Mood’s In’s and Outs!


Better grocery budgeting

Mending clothing

Moving mybody

breast self checks every month

Celebrating every milestone, not just the big ones


Diet culture

Writing important info on my hand then washing said hand and losing important info

Breast cancer lol

Chain store purchases (if I can help it)

What would be yours?

In Studio/ Bad Mood news:

The kiln is being a problem again. 🙂 But honestly, it’s not horrible! It’s just more…temperamental. We’re not sure how long Calcifer the Kiln will last us, but we’ll keep him going as long as we can!

I’ve been testing different forms and shapes, as well as playing with bisque painting, and just started a bookkeeping course designed for small business owners. I’m hoping this will help me with my administrative anxieties surrounding how to build Bad Mood and make sure I'm crossing every I and dotting every T.

I hope to restock soon- I will send an email when consignors have been restocked! 





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