About Us

Bad Mood is a small batch illustration & ceramic studio in Saskatoon, SK.

   Run by Cass Stark, and sometimes joined by her sister Maia, their inspiration is folkloric, occult, and animals; soft textures, whimsy, and flowers. With the assistance of their small kiln, Calcifer, they create functional ceramic wares and designs. 

    Our works are all handmade, which means there will be variances. These differences could be in the illustration, height, and so on. Since we don’t use a machine (and are squishy, unique humans ourselves), every piece can be slightly different.

Presently, Maia has taken a step back to focus on her own art practice and Cass is running Bad Mood. It is not on fire yet, so something's goin' all right. 

Bad Mood is about hand-built, uniquely decorated pieces that bring some oddity and happiness to your day.