How Do I Care / Wash my Bad Mood Ceramic?

 We advise that any hand-built pottery be handwashed; and we recommend against using a microwave (even to heat up that coffee you forgot about!).

     If your piece has horns, ears, wings, and other decorative, aesthetic sticking-out-pokey-bits, please do not pick up, swing, yeet, from these fragile parts of the item. 

Waaaait a hot cheeto; my ceramic piece looks different than the picture!

Hi! Handmade pottery and ceramics will have variety. Since we don’t use a machine (and are squishy, unique humans ourselves), every piece will be slightly different, and, though we try to be as accurate as we can with each new piece, they can vary from each other, and from the photo on the website. These slight differences could be in the illustration, height, weight, or width. 

PS  We will never put something out in world that we are not happy with. Slight variances do not mean defective; rather, perfectly imperfect.  I hope that the handmade aspect of our work adds, rather than subtracts, to your enjoyment of it.

Do you sell at any brick & Mortar shops?

 Yes, we do! You can find our work, if in stock, at Alt Haus, The Junction Creative Studio, and Slate Gallery

How do I place an Order?

 Sorry, our online shop is delayed; please sign up for our newsletter so you will know of any restocks at brick + mortars, if we are doing any markets, and, hopefully soon, when our online shop opens! 

Do you Ship Internationally?

Currently, we only plan to ship within Canada

How long before my Order Ships Out?

 TBA (please see 'how do i place an order')

How Can I Track my Order?

 TBA  (please see 'how do i place an order')

Can I Make a Return or Exchange?

 TBAAAA  (please see 'how do i place an order')

My Order Arrived Broken; What do I do?

 TBAAA til we have an online shop :) :( :)