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Hi all! It's been a minute. 

I've been wanting to do blog posts for the longest time on this li'l website of ours, but - aah my body tried to 🗡️ me, so 

If you follow our Instagram, you know what this past year's been like: Fuck cancer, am I right? 

But hey, I'm doing great! Medicine is amazing. And Bad Mood is no longer on such a weird pause/forced hiatus.

To start off this blog, I'm going to do a quick and dirty post about my favourite things to listen to in the studio!

Thrilling, I know.

PS if you have any recommends, drop them in comments!


PODCASTS - (all these are available on spotify or most streaming sites)


Old Gods of Appalachia


Old Gods of Appalachia.png


Well-written. Well voice-acted. Funny at times, but mostly Gorey, Scary, and Heart Breaking. Obsessssed. I discovered this podcast late in the game, and I am only on season 2, but wow, what a great storyline and very cool monstrous descriptions. If you like horror, listen to this.



Prophecy Girls: A Buffy Rewatch Podcast

Prophecy Girls: A Buffy Rewatch Podcast Hosted by Steph and Kara


Where to even start: Kara and Stephanie are sweet, funny, and their love for Buff knows no bounds. If you adore buffy the Vampire Slayer show, but also love to critique and criticize its flaws (and fashion sense), this is the podcast for you. These gals are the group of friends you want to have over whenever you're watching your favourite childhood/teen tv shows, their analyses are well thought out and open to discussion and a really welcoming environment. Wholesome af.



This Podcast Will Kill You 

This Podcast Will Kill You - Wikipedia

I haven't listened to this one as much, but what I have, is ultimately fascinating, especially at the beginning of COVID. Hosted by Erin W (disease ecologist) and Erin A (epidemiologist), each episode focuses on a different disease or illness, its history, its science, and in a clear manner (and with good humour and conversation, too). 




We all have different moods for music; I mostly want LOUD*. Anything to drown out the world and drop me down into the clay. So, here are my top songs for blaring in your headphones:

 *Fair warning: explicit lyrics etc below. Music ranges from funk chill vibes to screamy mashes

As our good friend Chris says, this music "has a real stank to it"



 Night Owl - Spooky Mansion


 Walk like a Motherfucker - Ghost Funk Orchestra


 Demons - Kim  Petras 


 Gorilla - Little Simz


Make You Wanna - Ta-Ku


L-Over - U.S. Girls


 Gospel of a New Century - Yves Tumor


If any of these shake your ears, I made a playlist of the songs I'm currently obsessed with 💅 and that are on constant repeat in the studio nowadays. 

Here's link!



 Being back into clay, back to trying to make our studio a go... life is surreal. 


Thank you for being here,



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